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United Nations Space Command
Political information
Type of government

Emergency Military

Founding document

United Nations


Democracy/Emergency military

Head of State
Head of Government

Unified Earth Government

De facto leader

Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood

Executive branch

UNSC Security Committee

Legislative branch

UNSC Security Council

Judicial branch

Office of Investigations[note 1]

Societal information


Official language

English (Primary), Spanish, Japanese, Swahili and many others



State religious body


Historical information
Formed from

United Nations between 2160 and 2164

Date of establishment

December 2163

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[2]UNSC Timeline

History of the UNSC

Pre-UNSC Period
- World War II (1939 - 1945)
- Creation of the United Nations (1945)
- Jovian Moons Campaign (2160)
- Rain Forest Wars (2162)
- Mars Campaign (2163)
Interplanetary War (2164-2170)
Inner Colony Wars (2400s)
Insurrection (2494 - 2537)
- Operation: TREBUCHET (2513 - 2524)
- Insurrection of Mamore (2537)
Human-Covenant War (2525 - 2553)

- Covenant Civil War (2552 - 2553)

| align="left" valign="top" width="50%"| Sol System

| align="left" valign="top" width="50%"| Epsilon Eridani System

111 Tauri System

23 Librae System

26 Draconis System

Charybdis System

Chi Ceti System

Cygnus System

Ectanus 45 System

Epsilon Indi System

Eridanus System


        • Unnamed Colony - Unsuccessfully attacked by Covenant

Groombridge 34 System

Hellespont System

Hydra System - Unknown Status

Jericho System - Unknown Status

Lambda Aurigae System

Lambda Serpentis System

Leonis Minoris - Three colonies, two glassed in 2537

Luyten 726-8

Paris System

Procyon System

Sigma Octanus System

Zeta Doradus System


Other Colonies

UNSC bases








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