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UNSC Air Force

Probably since 2163


United Nations Space Command


United Nations Space Command Defense Force


Aerial support and defensive force


F99 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle


The UNSC Air Force is a division of the UNSC Defense Force along with the UNSC Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. It serves as an aerial defense and support force.[1]


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Much of the Air Force's operations are currently unknown. It is likely that it is tasked with organizing aerial operations, conducting tactical strikes and bombing runs, providing close-air-support for infantry forces, and transportation of UNSCDF personnel. It is known that it was present during the Battle of Mombasa, where Air Force F-99 UCAVs supported Marine forces. Although its specific functions and battlefield role are unclear, the Air Force was most likely assigned to support UNSC Army and Marine ground forces. It is also plausible that they made use of bombers, such as the Shortsword, and fighters such as the SkyHawk. Another possibility is that the Air Force also utilizes the Longsword. The only known piece of equipment used by the Air Force is their Pilot helmet, which is compatible with all other UNSC armor systems.[2]


Behind the Scenes[16]EditEdit

Like the Army, extremely little is known about the Air Force. Initially, author Eric Nylund expressed the opinion that its role and function would have been absorbed into the UNSC Navy, though denied that this was canon.[3] Later, in an interview, Frank O'Connor confirmed the existence of an Air Force branch of the UNSCDF.[1] &nbsp

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